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Houston Breast Implant RevisionA woman may choose to undergo breast implant revision surgery for any number of reasons. Some women are dissatisfied with the results of their original breast augmentation. This may be due to a poor result achieved by a surgeon; however, it is more likely because the patient changed her mind about her cosmetic goals after the procedure or simply had unrealistic expectations. Other women seek breast implant revision because they have developed a problem with an implant, such as capsular contracture or implant rupture. In many cases, it is simply time to replace an implant because no implant is meant to last forever. Over the course of her lifetime, a given patient may have to have her implants on average once a decade or so.

Whatever the reason behind seeking breast implant revision, it is important to select a plastic surgeon with extensive experience and a history of successful results in performing both primary and revisional breast augmentation surgery. At the Houston plastic surgery practice of Dr. Azita Madjidi, patients can expect nothing less than exceptional care and the best possible results. She has helped countless women achieve the graceful, elegant, feminine contours they desire through breast augmentation. Whether you are considering breast augmentation for the first time, or you require breast implant revision for whatever reason, Dr. Madjidi would like to meet you and introduce you to a plastic surgery experience of the highest standard.

Breast Implant Revision Techniques

Dr. Madjidi is skilled in the full range of breast implant revision techniques. At her practice in Houston, breast implant revision techniques include:

  • Breast Implant Exchange: The most common technique for breast implant revision is implant exchange. As the name suggests, breast implant exchange involves replacing the existing implant with a new implant. If possible, Dr. Madjidi will place the new implant through the same incisions used to perform the initial breast augmentation surgery. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your breast implant revision, the exchange may be relatively straightforward or more complex. For example, it may be necessary to surgically remove scar tissue if there is substantial capsular contracture.
  • Pocket Revision or Change: In some cases, the pocket in which the breast implant is contained may have to be revised, or its location may have to be changed altogether, depending on the patient’s needs. Sometimes, in exchanging breast implants, a pocket that has become too large over the years may have to be tightened to keep the new implant in its optimal position. If the position of the implant is being changed from above the chest muscle to below it, as is often the case when “rippling” occurs, then a new pocket will have to be created to accommodate the implant.
  • Capsulectomy: In cases of capsular contracture, a condition in which excessive scar tissue forms around the breast implant causing it to contract, surgical removal of the scar tissue - often accompanied by a pocket change - is performed. Our Houston breast augmentation patients may also choose to have their implants replaced at this point.

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