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Facelift Surgery

Has aging caused your face to lose its definition and youthful contours?

Turn back the clock with a facelift procedure. Advanced techniques mean the results can be more natural-looking than ever before.

A facelift performed by Dr. Azita Madjidi at our Houston, TX, office can enhance your appearance and boost your self-esteem.

Facelift Procedures Come With Many Benefits

Natural-Looking Results

A facelift tightens and repositions your skin and underlying tissues. Today's advanced facelift techniques can make the results appear stunningly natural. Also, Dr. Madjidi considers a patient's age, skin type, and the necessary amount of correction before the facelift procedure to ensure a more harmonious and natural look.

Great First Impression

The face is typically the first thing we notice when meeting someone. A fresh, rested, youthful-looking face can be essential to establishing a good first impression. As our facial skin sags and changes position, we can appear more tired, misrepresenting our genuine emotions and self. A facelift can help you convey your authentic emotions and best side upon meeting someone.

Address Multiple Concerns

Signs of aging appear gradually over the years and can affect all parts of your face. A full facelift can address signs of aging in your lower and midface, jawline, and neck in some cases. It can also address deep wrinkles, sagging skin, lost volume, and other concerns in just one procedure.

Long-Lasting Results

While non-surgical procedures like BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal fillers only last a few months before the process should be repeated, the results of a facelift can last about 10 years. And when a facelift is done at a younger age, the results are generally longer-lasting because of better skin elasticity.

How Can a Facelift Benefit You? Explore the Possibilities in a Consultation

A properly performed facelift can target various signs of aging, revealing a more youthful look. Investing in a plastic surgeon who can deliver these results is essential. Dr. Madjidi is a board-certified plastic surgeon who's helped patients achieve beautiful, long-lasting results through rhytidectomy procedures. Contact our Houston practice today to request a consultation if you want to enhance your appearance through facelift surgery. At this visit, you can learn more about your candidacy, how rhytidectomy can benefit you, and the cost of your procedure. Call us today:

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"I went to Dr. Madjidi for a consult. I cannot say enough good things about her! I had a bad experience during a consult with a previous surgeon so I was nervous, but Dr. Madjidi made me feel incredibly safe and heard! She took her time to explain to me why she recommended certain approaches and answered every question I had thoroughly." Lena Mani

Awaken Your Appearance Before and After Transformations

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After Facelift

We Strive for Affordability With Flexible Financing Options


While cosmetic procedures like facelifts are generally not covered by insurance, one way our Houston team helps make your procedure financially accessible is by accepting CareCredit® and MedicalFinancing.com™. 

The Process of a Facelift

As a craniofacial surgeon, Dr. Madjidi has dedicated a significant portion of her training to specializing in procedures related to the face.
As a craniofacial surgeon, Dr. Madjidi has dedicated a significant portion of her training to specializing in procedures related to the face.

Consulting With Us

During your consultation at our Houston office, Dr. Madjidi will listen to your priorities, discuss your options, and help you to identify a realistically achievable goal.

Analyzing Your Anatomy

Dr. Madjidi will listen to your concerns and goals, as well as evaluate your skin elasticity and more. Each face has a unique anatomy and each patient has different needs for correction. In other words, each facelift is carefully personalized to best complement your facial features.

Relaxing With Anesthesia

Before the procedure begins, we will administer general anesthesia. General anesthesia helps patients achieve a state of unconsciousness where sensation is lost, ensuring a virtually painless procedure. 

Creating Incisions

Dr. Madjidi will create small incisions near the hairline and slightly behind the ear. Since she uses slender endoscopic tools, she is able to use very small incisions. In addition, the surgeon will work carefully to hide incisions within the hairline whenever it is possible, minimizing any visible scarring. 

Lifting the Muscle

Next, Dr. Madjidi will lift and reposition the underlying muscle.

Repositioning Fat Deposits

Dr. Madjidi can remove unwanted fat from under the chin, jaw, and other areas at this time. She can also reposition cheek fat to add volume to the lifted cheeks. 

Removing Excess Skin 

Once the muscles and skin are lifted into the correct position to achieve optimal results, Dr. Madjidi will remove excess skin and close the incisions. 

Healing After a Facelift

After your facelift, bruising and swelling should subside in two to four weeks. The final result can be seen in a month or two. Scars, initially pink, should soften and fade within a year.

Further Refine Your Results By Combining Procedures

Additional cosmetic procedures can enhance the overall results of your facelift and help you address other concerns, such as fine lines, sun spots, or acne scars. Surgical procedures, such as a neck lift, can often be performed simultaneously with your facelift. Non-surgical procedures that focus on the skin's complexion, such as chemical peels, can be done at a later appointment. Popular procedures that are paired with facelift surgery include:

Eyelid Surgery

A facelift targets the mid and lower face but not the upper. Eyelid surgery is recommended to address drooping eyelids and bags under the eyes.

Explore Eyelid Surgery

Brow Lift

The brows and forehead are not affected during a rhytidectomy. We may recommend combining a brow lift with your facelift to address heavy or sagging brows. 

Discover Brow Lifts

Neck Lift

While the jawline may be lifted and fat from under the chin and jaw repositioned with a facelift, the neck is largely untouched. Our patients can tighten the skin of the neck with a neck lift.

Learn More About Neck Lifts

Fat Transfer

Fat transfers are a common additional procedure to pair with a facelift. Patients that want more volume in areas like the cheeks may choose to have fat transferred into these areas from less desirable areas. 

Explore Fat Transfers

Chemical Peels

A facelift can help address sagging skin and deep wrinkles, but sun spots and uneven skin tone or texture are not corrected with a facelift. A non-surgical chemical peel can help you brighten your skin. 

Discover Chemical Peels

Laser Resurfacing

Similar to chemical peels, laser resurfacing targets the skin's tone and texture. It can help even your skin's appearance by reducing the look of dark spots, finer lines, and other signs of aging. 

Learn More About Non-Surgical Procedures

"Definitely worth the 5-hour drive!" Houston, TX, Patients Appreciate Dr. Madjidi


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Dr. Madjidi is wonderful and knowledgeable! She is genuinely kind and gives you her undivided attention during each consultation. Nora, at the front desk, is just as attentive and sweet. Definitely worth the 5 hour drive!

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Dr. Madjidi is a magician! She gets you in and out with minimal to no discomfort! She really cares about her patients and makes sure you feel taken care of. Highly recommend!

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Dr. Azita Madjidi

Azita Madjidi, M.D.

Board-certified surgeon Azita Madjidi has dedicated her career to helping patients feel and look their best since 1991. Her unique background and extensive training are proof of her dedication to excellence. She is affiliated with the following plastic surgery organizations:

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  • American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association

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