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Breast lift (mastopexy)

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A breast lift performed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Azita Madjidi at her Houston, Texas office is a good option for breasts that have lost their firmness and youthful shape, but still have sufficient volume.

The Issues a Breast Lift Can Correct

Breasts droop with time, as a result of gravity and hormonal changes. The skin stretches and the nipples migrate from their youthful position and point down. Asymmetry is also a common finding in most women and one nipple may be larger or lower than the other.

During breast lift surgery, Dr. Madjidi will tighten the skin in order to lift up the nipples and give a better shape, as well as to improve symmetry and firmness to the breasts. Breasts that are large and heavy can be lifted but the results will not be as long-lasting as for smaller breasts.

Combining Your Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation

A breast lift can also be done in patients who have already undergone an augmentation with implants and wish to revise the nipple position, and in patients who are looking to have their breast not only lifted but also larger. In some cases breast lift is combined with augmentation using implants for optimum results. Large areolas can be reduced during this procedure.

Your Breast Lift will be performed in Dr. Azita Madjidi’s office in Houston, TX.

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The Breast Lift Consultation Process

During consultation, Dr. Madjidi will take time to evaluate your particular situation. There are several breast lift techniques and Dr. Madjidi will determine which one suits you the best. Size of the breasts, presence of stretch marks, and position of the nipples are important for making this decision. Dr. Madjidi will go over the placement of the scars and the choice of the technique that fits best your body, breasts, and skin type.

As a Houston female plastic surgeon, Dr. Madjidi has helped many women with their breast lift procedure. She helps them understand the choice of the technique and the anticipated result. She will help you make your decision for the ultimate goal of the breast lift. If you are planning to undergo massive weight loss or have a baby, it is best to wait until your weight is stable or six months after you stop nursing.

"Dr Madjidi was very kind and informative. She truly cares about her patients and thoroughly informs them. She answered all of my questions and didn’t make me feel rushed at all."

How a Breast Lift is Accomplished

There are different types of breast lift incisions, and the type that is utilized is based on the goal the patient wishes to achieve and the amount of lift that needs to be obtained. From the crescent type skin excision above the areola, to an incision around the areola, a vertical incision, or even an inverted “T” type incision, there are several techniques.

Scars are unavoidable and can even be problematic in some skin types so Dr. Madjidi will take her time to make sure you understand the nature of the surgery and how your expectations can be realistically met.

Breast Lift Recovery

The length of breast lift surgery is determined by the amount of work that needs to be done by Dr. Madjidi. From less than an hour to three and a half hours, breast lift surgery is done as an outpatient procedure. Be sure to arrange for someone to drive you home after surgery and stay with you at least one night.

The swelling will gradually resolve in two to four weeks and the final shape will be obtained at about three months. The scars will initially be firm and pink and will normally continue to flatten and fade for up to a year.

You should be able to go back to work in a week or two based on the physical activities you do on your job.

“I personally perform the procedure and follow my patients during recovery.”

Breast Lift Post-Op Care

After your breast lift surgery, Dr. Madjidi will follow you during your healing process and see how your scars evolve. She will give you different tips and advice to improve your scars and maintain the result of your breast lift.

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To find out if you are a good candidate for a breast lift or to learn more about breast lift surgery, performed at our office serving Houston, Sugar Land, Pasadena, and patients from around the world, contact us today.

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