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Achieve a More Masculine Chest Shape

a man's chestIf you are a man with enlarged breasts, gynecomastia surgery performed by plastic surgeon Dr. Azita Madjidi at her Houston practice can give your pectoral area a more masculine shape and appearance.

What Is Gynecomastia?

Enlarged male breasts or gynecomastia is a common problem encountered by teenage boys and adult men. It can be a source of emotional discomfort, social embarrassment, depression, and distress at any age. 

The problem can be isolated to one side, or both breasts may be affected to variable degrees. It could be due to excess skin, excess fatty tissue, or enlargement of the breast gland itself. In some cases after puberty, gynecomastia disappears but it can persist. If you have had enlarged breasts for more than two years, it is very unlikely that they will resolve on their own.

If enlarged breasts are making you self-conscious, gynecomastia surgery performed by Dr. Madjidi at her Houston office can give your chest a more masculine definition, and boost your self-esteem. Contact us today to learn more.

Your Gynecomastia Surgery Experience 

During your consultation for gynecomastia surgery with Dr. Madjidi, she will determine the best way of treating your enlarged breasts.

Eyelid Surgery

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Based on your history and physical examination, Dr. Madjidi may request further work-up prior to surgery. 

You may need to be seen by an endocrinologist for a thorough work-up which may include a mammogram and blood work. Most of the time, there is no obvious cause for this condition but gynecomastia can sometimes be due to obesity, hormonal imbalance, or the side effects of certain medication. 

Hormonal imbalance may need to be treated medically. However, enlarged breasts usually persist and need to be addressed surgically. In case of obesity, weight loss is a logical way of improving your condition without any surgery. However, once your weight is back to normal, gynecomastia may persist and will need to be dealt with surgically.

Dr Madjidi is a wonderful doctor! She cares so much about her patients. She made me feel so comfortable and assured me I am so happy and pleased with my results she has really changed my life!

Options for Male Breast Reduction 

Dr. Azita Madjidi, Houston plastic surgeon, offers a variety of techniques for the treatment of her male patients who suffer from gynecomastia. If the breasts are moderately large and are mostly fatty, Dr. Madjidi will perform ultrasonic liposuction which is a great way of treating gynecomastia with minimal scarring. A compressive garment for up to six weeks is necessary to minimize the swelling and guide healing in a favorable shape.

If the breasts are mostly glandular, they need to be reduced surgically. The scar is placed around the nipple. The skin will retract over time. Liposuction may still be used for a better overall result.

In cases where the breasts are large and droopy, it means there is also some skin excess that needs to be removed. Dr. Madjidi will place the scar under the breast and the nipples will be grafted over their new position. Nipple sensation will be greatly decreased. Additional liposuction may be needed for optimized results. Drains may be necessary for a few days.

“I personally perform the procedure and follow my patients during recovery.”

Recovering from Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia surgery is generally performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure.

The majority of the swelling and bruising should be gone by two to four weeks and final results will be apparent by four to six months. The scars will initially be firm and pink, and they will normally continue to flatten and fade for up to a year. In some cases revision may be necessary. Weight gain may reverse the results.

You should be able to go back to work in a week or sooner based on the physical activities you do on your job.

After your gynecomastia surgery, Dr. Madjidi will follow you during your healing process and see how your scars evolve. She will give you different tips and advice to improve your scars and maintain the result of your gynecomastia surgery.

Learn More about Gynecomastia Surgery

If you are a man interested in correcting enlarged breasts, gynecomastia surgery performed at our Houston office can help you achieve the masculine appearance you want. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Dr. Azita Madjidi

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