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beautiful young woman with blond hairAzita Madjidi, M.D., M.S., P.A. performs cheek augmentation surgery at her Houston, Texas office serving Sugar Land, Pasadena, and surrounding areas.

Flat cheeks can result from weight loss, aging, disease or simply genetics. Cheeks may also be asymmetric due to asymmetric bony structure of the face or as a result of trauma or previous surgery. Augmenting cheeks alone, or during other facial rejuvenation procedures, contributes to a more youthful looking and harmonious face.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Azita Madjidi can discuss different available cheek augmentation options (implants, fillers, and fat injections) at her Houston, Texas office.

The Cheek Augmentation Procedure

In some cases, retruded and flat cheeks affect the appearance of the eyes, position of the lower eyelids, and even the nose. Dr. Madjidi will analyze your face and evaluate if you are a good candidate for cheek augmentation. If you look at your pictures from 10 or 15 years ago, you had a fuller face and fuller cheeks. With aging the fat over the cheek bones atrophies, and the lower eyelid muscle sags and creates an oblique depression across the cheek. On the other hand, fat accumulates right above the laugh lines, called the nasolabial creases, and creates a prominent fold. A mid facelift can put the fat back over the cheek bone but another effective way is with performing fat grafting over the cheek bone or placing an implant. Implants are placed through an incision in the mouth. The face should not be too skinny because the contour of an implant may become visible if there is not much cheek thickness to hide it.

“The goal is to obtain long-lasting and natural looking results.”

Most cheek augmentations performed by Dr. Madjidi utilize the patient’s own fat for the most natural result. Since it is the patient’s own fat, there is no allergy or rejection. The fat is removed from excess deposits in the lower abdomen or hips, and placed in small quantities all over the cheeks to create an aesthetic contour. With fat grafting for cheek augmentation, there is no incision; therefore there is no visible scar.

“I personally perform the procedure and follow my patients during recovery.”

Cheek augmentation can be done alone or in conjunction with a facelift, lower eyelid lift and rhinoplasty. When cheeks are augmented during a facelift, fat grafting is used and it is done through the same incisions. It is a great adjunct to a facelift for overall facial rejuvenation.

When lower eyelid surgery is done, the cheek can be lifted but if it is too flat, fat grafting will be used to restore the natural prominence of the cheeks.

Cheek enhancement during a rhinoplasty may contribute to more swelling and may reasonably be done at a later time. Fuller cheeks will make the nose appear smaller and less prominent. Flat cheeks make the nose look bigger.

Initial swelling appears very quickly because the face is very vascularized. It should subside in two to four weeks and the final results appear in one to two months. If fat grafting alone is used for cheek augmentation, bruising is rare but can happen. Dr. Madjidi will give you medication and camouflage makeup to improve and hide the bruising.

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Dr. Azita Madjidi

Azita Madjidi, M.D.

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