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Correct the Results of Nose Defects

woman with eyelinerNose defects can be caused by removal of skin cancer or trauma. If it causes a deformity or a functional problem, nasal reconstruction performed at our Houston, Texas practice can restore color, texture, contour, and function of the nose. Most of the defects occur after removal of a skin cancer by Mohs surgery, done by dermatologists. Dr. Madjidi works in close collaboration with dermatologists who perform Mohs surgery.

Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Azita Madjidi has particular interest in nasal reconstruction and has had extensive training in nasal plastic surgery. During consultation Dr. Madjidi will thoroughly evaluate your nose, skin type, the size and depth of the defect, and its location, as well as consider your general health and concerns.

If the defect is small and freshly made, local wound care may be all you need. But if it is a bigger defect or it is situated in an area where the spontaneous healing will leave a deformity, the treatment will require surgery.

If the defect is old and is creating a deformity or a functional problem, contractures may need to be released before the nose can be reconstructed.

Using the physical findings from your consultation, Dr. Madjidi will discuss treatment options for nasal reconstruction at our Houston office with you, and will help you choose the one that meets your individual needs. She will take into account the aesthetic subunits of the nose to give you the best aesthetically reconstructed nose.

Complex nasal reconstruction must be done in multiple stages. It may require taking a cartilage or bone graft to rebuild the framework, and a skin graft or flap for the outside. It may be done as an outpatient procedure or require hospitalization for closer observation. Dr. Madjidi will provide all the pertinent information once a treatment plan is chosen.

“I personally perform the procedure and follow my patients during recovery.”

The reconstruction of the nose is customized to each person’s anatomy, skin thickness, skin elasticity, and general health condition.

If skin grafting is chosen, in order to get the best color match, a piece of skin is taken from either in front of the ear or the back of the ear, and grafted over the defect area. A dressing is placed over it for about five days. Once the dressing is taken down, the fresh graft will appear pink or lightly purple, but will become skin color in just a few months. Scars over the nose usually heal well if placed in the right spot.

If the defect on the nose has any cartilage or bone exposed, a simple graft will not be an option and it may require a local flap. Scars may be longer but placed in a more inconspicuous area in order to be less noticeable.

In general, smokers do not heal well and are more prone to have complications and delayed healing.

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Dr. Azita Madjidi

Azita Madjidi, M.D.

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