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Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Dr. Azita Madjidi understands the incredible benefits that breast implants can have for a woman’s appearance and self-confidence. Using her considerable experience and an eye for cosmetic artistry, she provides personalized breast augmentation surgery at her Houston practice. She uses various incision patterns and implant placement techniques to customize treatment and provide outstanding results. To learn more about the breast augmentation procedure and your surgical options, contact Dr. Madjidi today.

Preparing for Your Procedure

Before receiving breast implants, you will have a complete consultation with Dr. Madjidi. At this time, the doctor will examine your breasts and skin elasticity, and you will discuss your medical history. After Dr. Madjidi determines your candidacy for breast augmentation, she will explain the various materials, shapes and sizes available for your implants. Together you will choose the best implants for your goals and body type. Based partly on the type of implants you choose and partly on your natural breast size, Dr. Madjidi will also plan the most suitable incision patterns and implant placement for your needs.

During your consultation, you and Dr. Madjidi will discuss whether to use general anesthesia or IV sedation during your surgery. An anesthesiologist will be present to describe and administer the chosen method prior to surgery.

Incision Patterns

Dr. Madjidi will create incisions in one of three common patterns:

  • Perioareolar: This incision is made around the areola. Dr. Madjidi will carefully make this incision so that any scarring will be largely concealed by the dark skin surrounding the nipple.
  • Transaxillary: The doctor will create a small incision under the armpit and will use an endoscope to guide her in placing the implant.
  • Inframmamary: This incision runs directly along the crease under your breast. Though this incision typically leaves a longer scar, it is hidden under your breast and can be concealed by a bra or bikini.

Implant Placement

After creating the necessary incisions, Dr. Madjidi will place the implant. There are also three common locations for implant placement, and each has distinct advantages. Your placement options include:

  • Submuscular: Dr. Madjidi may place your implant under your pectoral muscle. Many women prefer this method because there is less risk for capsular contracture, and if the implant ripples, it will not be visible. However, some women think that this placement does not offer the most natural-looking results.
  • Subglandular: Alternatively, Dr. Madjidi may place your implant above your muscle and below your mammary gland. Because this involves a less invasive procedure, recovery time is usually shorter. This is a popular choice among especially active women.
  • Dual Plane: This innovative technique combines the submuscular and subglandular placements. Dr. Madjidi will place the top part of the implant under your muscle and the bottom part above your muscle. This conceals the top portion of the implant and still lends a natural fullness to the bottom of your breast.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

It is normal to experience some swelling and discomfort in the first few days following surgery, but as it subsides, your figure will continue to improve. You should get plenty of rest and avoid strenuous activity. Your recovery time will depend on the placement method you choose, along with other factors. Dr. Madjidi will be able to provide you with an estimated time span for recovery, and will monitor your progress in follow-up exams.

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