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Breast Lift with Implants – Houston Procedures

Published on February 27, 2015
Breast Lift with Implants

Changes in the shape and size of the breasts can happen with aging, pregnancy and dramatic weight loss. For many women, the breasts can become pendulous or have a deflated, saggy appearance. If you are concerned about the appearance of

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Restylane Injection – Dermal Filler – Houston

Published on February 20, 2015
Restylane Injection

The aging lines on the face are often caused by the skin’s natural tendency to lose volume. This contributes to a gaunt, sharper appearance with hollow cheeks and deep lines. With the Restylane injection, you can give your appearance a

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Breast Reduction – Cosmetic Surgery Houston

Published on February 17, 2015
Breast Reduction

Large breasts, each weighing in excess of 500 grams, can cause a number of secondary health issues. For many women with overly large breasts, common issues include back pain, neck pain and trouble finding properly fitting clothing. If this is

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Arm Lift – Brachioplasty Procedure – Houston

Published on February 13, 2015
Arm Lift

As we age, loose skin can become an issue. When your skin becomes loose with age, it can drape and droop on areas of the body such as the arms, creating “bat wings.” If you are experiencing excessive sagging skin

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